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TOYO SENI CO.,LTD - incomparable wearing comfort from Japan!

If you go through life open-minded and appreciative, what you wear is also important - from top to bottom. Our feet do great things every day and carry us to many different places. All the more reason why they deserve to be supported by high-quality, beautiful and comfortable socks. The  socks from TOYO SENI CO.,LTD meet these high standards. For this reason, they even enrich the feet of various top Japanese athletes. 

Maulbeerbaum mit Beeren

History and production method of the special socks

The TOYO SENI company from Gifu-ken in Japan has been around for over 80 years. During this time, it has steadily advanced the production of socks made from Japanese paper and earned a reputation for outstanding quality. Value is the top priority. This is why it is not mass-produced and the motto "quality over quantity" has priority. 

Japan paper is also known as washi. The word "wa" stands for Japanese and "shi" for paper, which gives it its name. It is based on plant fibers that are processed into a kind of pulp. This is followed by the traditional process of creation using a sieve. The result? The unique texture and strength of the fibre that characterizes the socks. 

The AMIGAMI private label

With AMIGAMI, the sock manufacturer has created a strong own brand. The washi required for its production is obtained from abacá plants. This makes the extraction and processing particularly environmentally friendly. The brand also offers a wide variety of colors, patterns and styles. As a loyal leisure companion, at work or as a style-conscious statement - the socks always cut a good figure as a stylish eye-catcher.

By the way: Did you know that washi is even used in Japanese culture to make kimonos and other traditional items of clothing?

Drei Paar Socken von der Marke ,,Amigami" in verschiedenen Farben und Mustern

Advantages of washi socks from TOYO SENI CO.,LTD

In addition to the wide range of colors and styles - including versions in which the big toe can be separated - the Japanese socks also offer other advantages. For example, they offer unparalleled comfort. Whatever footwear you prefer: there is always room for the comfortable Washi socks.

Added to this is their practical breathability. This makes washi socks popular even with competitive athletes. But even beyond tennis socks and sports socks, everyone is happy to avoid sweaty feet in hot outdoor temperatures. Whether you're standing firmly or running briskly, both benefit from high-quality socks. And for a long time to come, because each pair shines with durability.

​Socks at Faedah Collection
If you care about the environment and high-quality and sustainable clothing is important to you, the Faedah Collection product selection is right for you. We are proud to offer a variety of clothing from responsible manufacturers and brand to offer. For your feet, we recommend AMIGAMI socks. Take a stand against mass production at the expense of people and the planet and enjoy durable, high-quality and sustainable products from the Japanese sock manufacturer. Whether as tennis socks, sports socks or fashionable everyday socks - the brand stands for satisfaction right down to the tips of your toes.